Connecting with Parents from Your Child’s School – What You Will Miss If You Don’t

It seems that in a world of online communication, we tend to forget how to interact directly with other human beings. This could not be more true when it comes to connecting with other parents from your child’s school – while Facebook groups and other social-media related contact may seem like the more convenient route, face-to-face association with other parents is necessary in creating a mutual relationship of support.


You may think that the most important relationship to your child’s school is through their teacher, but teachers are limited as to how they can help outside of school. There are many advantages to connecting with parents from your child’s school – if you don’t believe these connections are important and avoid contact with other parents, there are many things you may miss.


  • You’ll lose out on sharing experiences with other parents.

Even with the plethora of parenting information and advice available on the internet, nothing seems quite as reassuring as hearing from other parents that they experience the same struggles and hardships.


  • Helping your child build social relationships will be more difficult.

How comfortable would you feel sending your child for a play-date with a classmate if you have no idea who their parents are? It’s likely you would not be completely open to sending your child to a stranger’s home. Having strong connections with other parents will create opportunity to have your child spend time with their friends outside of school and thus shape strong social bonds.


  • There will be no opportunity to provide and receive academic support.

Does your child’s algebra homework puzzle you? Has your child ever forgotten their homework assignments at school? Having a strong connection with other parents gives you an opportunity to ask for advice when helping your child complete assignments or lending you material your child needs to complete their homework. As well, you may have the know-how in a specific subject to lend aid to another parent.


  • You may not have a healthy connection with your child’s school.

Being engaged with your child’s school is important because it shows your child that you have a healthy interest in their life. When your child feels understood and supports, they are more likely to attend school more regularly, have a positive attitude towards school and achieve academic success. Connecting with other parents is a crucial way to stay connected with your child’s school.


  • Conversations about concerns will be filtered and controlled.

While parent-teacher associations are a great way to stay in touch with what is happening at your child’s school, the conversations are planned and guided by the school. Forming relationships with other parents means that you can have open conversations about real concerns at your child’s school in a non-restricted open forum.


  • You will miss out on safety issues.

Other parents are your best friends when it comes to another set of eyes and ears paying attention to what is happening at your child’s school. They may notice safety issues like a reckless bus driver or may know that your child is being bullied. While teachers and school staff have a vested interest in your child’s well-being, other parents are more empathetic and understanding of your concerns and worries.



Connecting with other parents from your child’s school is a key factor in helping your child build important social relationships as well as providing yourself with a support system of sympathetic and understanding parents. Parenting a child should be a shared experience and looking to your child’s school is the perfect place to find other parents to connect with.





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