WATCH: How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

There are two different parenting styles and philosophies about technology featured in this video. Some agree with both sides. Studies show (SCREENAGERS movie) that mice given screen time are 3x’s slower to solve a maze than mice not exposed to screen time. In addition, the mice with screen time suffer long-term effects.

As we navigate digital citizenship and showing our kids the importance of real moments and interaction with the physical world, it is important to set boundaries for our children. Providing a consistent and firm schedule for devices can go a long way. It may not be well received at first, but as mentioned in this video, substituting that time with something fun in the 3D world can make that transition easier.

With social media changing constantly, parents are challenged to keep up with technology and trends. However, if parents were able to build meaningful conversations around the impacts of screens and create common regulations throughout their households and school circle, they may be able to find the perfect balance between educational technology time and physical activity.






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