Bullying is a top concern for most parents with children in middle school and high school. This video shows how being an advocate for friends can end bullying before it gets out of hand. If parents are able to empower their children with the powerful tool of becoming a positive bystander. Children may not realize […]

There are two different parenting styles and philosophies about technology featured in this video. Some agree with both sides. Studies show (SCREENAGERS movie) that mice given screen time are 3x’s slower to solve a maze than mice not exposed to screen time. In addition, the mice with screen time suffer long-term effects. As we navigate […]

With thanksgiving just around the corner, many families give some extra thought as to what they should be grateful for. This includes being thankful for other people, services and events. One that is often forgotten, is the schools and teachers that play such an important role in the lives of many children. Video Credit: Target […]